Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment

The purpose of this report is to conduct my entrepreneurial self-assessment according to GET Test and AULIVE Creativity Test.

I scored an overall score of 78% in GET test showing that I am occasionally enterprising while my AULIVE test score remained 82.24%.

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GET2 Test

GET Test encompasses 54 questions that assess various facets of enterprising such as need for achievement, need for autonomy, creative tendency, calculated risk taking, and locus of control (GET2 Test, n.d.). The results of the tests are shown in the table below:

Need for Achievement75%
Need for Autonomy67%
Creative Tendency92%
Calculated Risk-taking67%
Locus of control83 %
Overall GET2 Test score78%

Need for Achievement: GET2 results showed that I have a medium to high need for achievement. So, my entrepreneurial self-assessment suggests that such people are goal oriented, passionate and hardworking but are more considerate about work life balance than those having high need for achievement. These results are true in my case. After completing my high school, I began working part-time as a sales representative at a telemarketing company. Recognizing my hard work and dedication, the company awarded me bonuses and offered a full time position at the company. However, I found it difficult to maintain my work-life balance due to excessive workload and odd job hours. Hence, I left the job and decided to hunt for a better job where I can manage work-life balance along with getting recognition and achievement.

Need for Autonomy: GET2 results showed that I have a medium need for autonomy. I agree with this result. This medium need for autonomy was the main driving force due to which I performed well in group tasks undertaken at United States Air Force. During my work tenure at USAF in 2013, the armed forces organization arranged the Exercise Red Flag at Nevada. As a person having low autonomy, I felt nervous, but other crew members boosted my morale and cited their experiences. Due to their support and motivation, I overcame my fears and performed well in the exercise. Hence, despite having a medium need for achievement, I also need support and guidance to carry out tasks.

Creative Tendency: In the domain of creative tendency, I scored 92%. Pairing the high creative tendency with medium need for autonomy depicts that I can work better in partnership with another person who has complementary skills to materialize my creative thinking. AULIVE’ creativity test is another 40 questions test for gauging an individual’s level of creativity (testmycreativity, n.d.). On AULIVE’ creativity test, my score was highest on complexity, paradox, boldness and curiosity matrices (See Appendix 2). So, the results of my entrepreneurial self-assessment are indicative that I am capable of analyzing and retaining the large quantity of information (complexity), and have capability to perform under incongruous situations (Paradox). The results also show that I am to learn new things (curiosity) as well I possess self-assurance to go beyond established conventions (boldness). Reflecting back on my life experiences, I was a curious child from early childhood. I used to ask a lot of questions from my parents and teachers. Observing my interest in creative problem solving, my teachers gave me practical drills which I solved successfully. Because of problem solving skills, I performed exceptionally well in mental training drills practiced for combat which were conducted at US Air Force.

Calculated Risk Taking: I scored a medium score of. 67% in risk taking. It measures the proclivity of assessing all the possible pros and cons of a judgment and then making an informed decision. The results indicate that I am a risk averse person. Looking at my life events, I realize that I measure pros and cons of each decision before making one. I was at a crossroads while choosing a career between business and armed forces. I realized that business entails a lot of risk as profit margins remain dwindling. On the other hand, a career in air force is not only prestigious but also offers perks and privileges. Hence, I went with the latter choice after weighing all possible outcomes.

Locus of Control: GET2 results indicate that I have a high locus of control. The results suggest that I benefit from existing opportunities using my skills. My life experiences are also indicative of this characteristic shown by my entrepreneurial self-assessment. While my friends complained about lack of opportunities, I realized my self-potential and opted for a career in armed forces. I leveraged my characteristics of effective time management, punctuality, discipline and hard work. Resultantly, I got the chance to work with the prestigious air forces of USA and UK.

Antecedent Influences

The antecedent influences have played a vital role in shaping my personality. My native country is Oman, which is a collectivist society where interpersonal relationships are given immense importance. On one hand, this culture of collaboration inculcated team spirit in me and taught me to work with others for achieving a common goal.  On the other hand, it diminished my skills of working independently. Depending on my parents to make decisions for me for most of my life, I now find it difficult to take risks and feel more comfortable in following the commands.

Nonetheless, my experience in UK has started changing my perspectives. Being here on a professional exchange program, I have learnt to adapt to change. I opine that this ability to adapt can aid me if I ever start any entrepreneurial venture.

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This report has carried out my entrepreneurial self-assessment. The results of both GET and AULIVE tests indicate that I have strong chances of becoming an entrepreneur. However, I have certain weak areas such as risk taking, need for autonomy, persistence and connection. The result that I am occasionally enterprising reflects that I might not be able to establish a breakthrough business but I have the ability to set up a small business with fairly high level of growth and income potential. Being on the exchange program in UK, I am currently focusing on developing professional expertise. Hence, I do not intend to establish any business in near future. Nonetheless, I have realized my strengths and weaknesses through these tests, which will surely help me in establishing my own business, if I ever plan to do so. Scoring highest in creativity has given me immense confidence that I can be a good entrepreneur as creativity and innovation are vital for becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Appendix 1: GET2 Result

Source: Get2Test (n.d.

Appendix 2: AULIVE Test Results

Source: Testmycreativity (n.d.).

References to Appendices

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