Analysis of Job Description

This paper analyses two job vacancies advertised by COFCO International Private Limited. The analysis is discussed below:

Job Vacancy 1

Title: Trading Back Office Assistant

Job location: Porto, Portugal (LinkedIn, 2020a)

Job duties and responsibilities:

  • The back office team is responsible for managing the entire back office operations for the COFCO INTL.
  • Daily reviews of issues

Generate monthly reports of the main risk indicators supervised by operational risk (LinkedIn, 2020a)

Job Salary: Not mentioned at the moment

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Analysis of job description

The management of the entire back office requires overseeing cash commodities and conducting their daily review, which involves regular reconciliation of the trade data that is attained through broker confirmations and trading systems. The job also requires the regular reporting of breaks to the company. In addition to that, daily reviews of the issues of trading back office will be resolved by the interactions with trading peers. Several daily problems of the back office related to finance, inventory, order confirmation, shipping and distribution requiring an escalation can occur during the job which needs to be resolved by the trading back office assistant. In addition, monthly reports of key risk indicators must also be developed for which the assistant must be able to prepare the department’s metrics reports daily.

Furthermore, weekly reports of pending issues will also be established by the trading back office assistant. For this, the applicant must be proficient in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint as these two tools will help immensely in reports’ generation. Effective communication skills are also necessary for discussing and resolving daily back-office issues. Hence, the assistant must be familiar with the trade lifecycle policy while fulfilling these job duties. Lastly, this job is of assistant level, which suggests that an experience of one or two years in the relevant field might suffice.

Job Vacancy 2

Title: Internal Audit Manager

Job location: Beijing, China (LinkedIn, 2020b)

Job duties and responsibilities:

  • Take guidance from Annual Audit Plan for conducting periodic audits of financial and operational areas of the business effectively
  • Draft written communication of consulting and audit.
  • Conduct audit responsibilities in accordance with the Institute of Internal Auditors (LinkedIn, 2020b)

Analysis of job description

The job description does not describe if it is entry-level or mid-level due to which the number of years of experience cannot be determined. However, an entry-level audit manager must have five years of experience in the relevant industry. The analysis of the job responsibilities suggests that the candidate must be willing and able to ensure that the governance, control and COFCO INTL risk management systems are performing effectively and within the guidelines stated by the company. The evaluation of the job position further suggests that the candidate must be excellent in handling business issues and making fair judgements about the internal audit and the company.

Personal skills match with the job of Trading Back Office Assistant

  1. This job requires the candidate to manage the back office operations.

I can perform this part of the job aptly as my major subjects in Bachelors of Business Administration degree include Operations, Management and Accounting from the Coventry University London Campus. My educational experience in the field of management and operation will help me manage the back-office operations efficiently.

  1. Daily interactions with trading peers is required

This responsibility of the job requires the candidate to have strong interpersonal skills. I believe that I will have the edge over other candidates here as well because of my major in public relations at Bellerbys College London. In addition, I have also completed my Bachelors in Communication and studied public relations from Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST). Hence, my degree in communications has enabled me to speak efficiently and concisely, and I believe my interpersonal skills will come in handy while dealing and interacting with the trading peers. My professional experience has helped me liaise with diverse stakeholders and manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

  1. Generation of monthly reports is also required.

This part of the job will require the candidate to establish weekly reports of pending issues and daily reports of departments’ metrics for which, the applicant needs to be efficient in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets and other spreadsheet software. While I am proficient at Microsoft Word, I am not good at other such spreadsheet software. Not all the companies work on Excel, and hence, I will have to enhance my skills in this domain. In order to improve my tech skills, I am planning to get enrolled in Google sheets Crash Courses online and attend tech workshops.

A justification of your selection of the job role

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I have chosen the job position of Trading Back Office Assistant over the job of the Internal Audit Manager for two reasons. Firstly, even though I have three years of experience in the field of the finance department of my family-owned business from 2015 to 2017, I did not choose the Internal Audit Manager’s job position because the position of a manager usually requires an extensive job experience. Usually, an entry-level manager’s job position demands an experience of more than five years while the mid-level manager’s job position is eligible for candidates having 10 to 15 years of working experience in the relevant domain. On the contrary, the job of an assistant does not require such extensive experience. My experience of working at my family-owned restaurant has helped me gain necessary management skills such as problem-solving, decision-making, delegation, planning and conceptual skills. I believe such skills will eventually help me at my job as a trading back office assistant at COFCO INTL.

Moreover, the Internal Audit Manager is part of the Beijing Audit team, which is responsible for auditing the entire Asia Pacific and China region which involves India, Indonesia, China, Australia, Singapore and Thailand. The internal audit manager must also provide consulting and assurance services of which I have no prior work experience. Managers are usually required to have experience in the relevant industry, which, in this case, is ‘Agriculture’ as COFCO is an international agribusiness. Although I have a professional experience of working in the finance department of my family-owned restaurant, I believe that I will have a hard time competing with other candidates with better and more extensive work experience in the relevant field.


LinkedIn., 2020a. Internal Audit Manager (accessed on 10/10/2020)

LinkedIn., 2020b. Trading Back Office Assistant (accessed on 10/10/2020).

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