Reflective Analysis: GET2 Test and Aulive Test

The aim of the paper is to carry out a reflective self-analysis by interpreting the results of GET2 test entailing the antecedent influences and creativity test results. By securing 78% in enterprising test, it is yielded that I have feasible personality traits to become an entrepreneur in future (Appendix I).

Analysis of test results

Need for achievement

My need for achievement is 75% which shows my relatively higher urge to achieve something. When I look back, I realize that the said need was always within me. In 2000, I got my Bachelor’s degree and immediately joined a school as an English teacher. Although I had no financial need to do the job immediately after completion of my degree nor my parents pushed me to begin my professional career at the earliest, I still recall my intrinsic need of ‘doing something’ and becoming productive. Moreover, I also enrolled myself for post-graduation and became the English department coordinator of a secondary school. My work-life balance was good, which is also shown as a trait for achievers. I maintained my study routine along with my job and achieved my goals of self-productivity well. I can still recall myself as an enthusiast adult who began her 20s with work-life and also continued studies to achieve academic goals. Moreover, I have always wanted to become a painter, but due to my busy academic schedule, I could not reach my goal. I decided to search online and enrolled myself in a painting class held through zoom. By doing so, I achieved my goal without going out in college days which saved my time and cost of learning. Hence, the test result truly reflects my need for achievement, which is reflected in my struggles in my academic and personal life journey to achieve daily goals of productivity.

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Need for autonomy

My score in GET2 test for autonomy is 83%. It is a high score that truly depicts my need of becoming independent in my decisions. I have always been a strong woman who does not prefer any interference in dense life matters. Thinking back, I can quote the incident of getting the task of preparing a project feasibility report. I was offered to hire an internee for supporting me in the computer work, but I refused the offer and completed all work by myself. The high result shows that I do not like my work to be shared by anyone as I prefer to owe the pros and cons of my work and be independent in whatever I do. Moreover, I can still recall the help offered by the tennis cup winner in my school to help me learn from tennis match mistakes, but I refused politely and continued to practice until I won the match with my own efforts.

Creative tendency

My score for the creative tendency is average, i.e. 67%. This is almost in line with my score of 57.5% in AULIVE creativity test. The result shows my moderate need for being creative. For example, I was asked to make an exceptional presentation for office using infographics. I did not try to create all animations and drawings on my own and instead, I downloaded some figures from Google and edited them. My creative sense is not my biggest motivator, and I tend to use it only when there is a dire need of being radically innovative. For example, I participated in a competition of “all-rounder” of the school. I was asked to participate in debate contest, drawing competition, cooking venture and dress-up show. I was excited to win the competition and prepared the best for all four fields. In drawing competition, I won the best drawing title, and in the cooking venture, my dish of fish fillet and fries got the most A’s for creative presentation and unique taste. My creativity sense oozed out when I needed it the most as reflected by the GET2 test result.

Risk taking and locus of control

My score in both risk-taking and locus of control is 83%. The same score in both categories shows my self-confidence, proactive nature, decisiveness, determination and goal orientation towards life. For example, while working on a project during my job, I felt the need for accessing a database which needs payment for registration. Officially, it would need permission from the boss, but I decided to take the risk of registering myself as the deadline of the project was near. In the end, when I told my boss about the registration, he appreciated my courage and enthusiasm which led me to deliver the best of results. He not only reimbursed me the registration fee but also allowed me to use the same courage for crucial times in future.

Another example is of my college days when my team project could not do well. I selected the theme and distributed the work among team members. When we could not score well, my team members were disheartened. However, I took responsibility and did not step back to confess that my idea was weak, and we could work on any other strong theme.

Antecedent influences

My personality and professional standing is an outcome of antecedent influences of my immediate family, friends and cousins. Along with my parents, working women of my family were always my inspiration to follow. I have always fantasized my mother and my aunts, who decided to make their own identity by working in a specific professional field. I am now serving as a Direct Services Manager at a reputable organization by following their example. Fortunately, males of my family also encouraged me and showed immense respect for my need to become independent. The support from antecedents also nourished my urge to become an achiever in life and breaking stereotype female stature in society. Moreover, at a very young age, my father used to send me for a yoga class and minor shopping from grocery shop nearby, which expelled the fear of new social settings. I used to bring random daily use items and would give the remaining money to him. This activity led me to understand the value of money and realized me about money-saving tips and the correct choice of need-fulfilling items. It led me to understand the power of being autonomous in decision making and choosing the best option amongst many. Attending yoga class boost my influence as a female and calm out my stressed nerves to think creatively and make the right decisions. I strongly admire the role of my parents and family members who let me pursue my career goals and never pushed me to rebel or fight for my rights.


My GET2 test score defines me as “occasionally enterprising”. I am a strong-headed, confident and bold person who does not like anyone to meddle in my affairs. I am creative and prefer to take chances. Although I am serving in an organisation currently, I wish to establish a start-up venture as a home-based baker. As per my risk-taking nature, I am ready to adopt the risk and uncertainty in my new venture. For all of my achievements, I give credit to my parents and family members who pushed the stereotype thinking and let me achieve my goals. If they had not motivated me to become independent, I would have stayed back from my goals. I believe that antecedent influence is the biggest motivator in my life to become myself.

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Appendix 1 – GET2 Test

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  • The result of GET2 test shows that I am a good organizer. At my organization, I have arranged numerous meetings between top authorities and new clients to hike the sales. I was efficient to get everything on time.
  • GET2 test also implies that I am a proactive person. I prepare myself beforehand and do not get panic in new situations. In teamwork, I am always the one who has completed her homework on the given task and participate actively with my opinionated nature.

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Appendix 2 – AULIVE Creativity Test

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