Reflection of Final Year Project

A reflection section in academic reports is written to complement the academic research with review, criticism, and concerns. The purpose of reflection is to enlarge the student experience in words and get a detailed insight on student’s understanding of concepts used in the report (Ichii & Ono, 2018). The research report contains a reflection part because of the various stages and steps involved in the research work. The adherence to each section and stage of the research report is a supportive idea to know where the student is lagging and what areas of the student need to be improved. The reflective report is aimed to benefit the tutor for getting feedback from the student. It has several advantages such as revealing concerns for research report preparation, the learning status of the student which is also one of the key aims of research reports, to indulge the student in personal reflection which is sometimes mandatory to write after doing extensive hard work on an academic task (Hume, 2009).

The reflection is aimed to show experience of learning and doing a report on MMO, the renowned organization of Oman. The reflection entails the specific experience associated with Oman’s working environment and the MMO organization specifically to depict the relation of academic concepts in practical business organizations. Being a student of MBA, I have been assigned with the IMP project to grasp the concept of business organization issues in a practical environment. Earlier, I studied the conflict management of workforce and business issues in books only. The IMP task has enabled me to implement the concept, do research, and conclude on the problem with a practical set of recommendations. It was a learning project for me because I have written a critical review of various models and concepts for MMO, which has increased my academic knowledge.

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MBA journey reflection

Oman’s government has a particular agenda for higher education programs. MBA is one of the most regularly enrolled programs by youth because of its significance in the global business world. Therefore, I decided to do an MBA to study key business concepts in advance. The MBA journey is aimed to signify the concepts learnt in business courses and modules to apply them in my practical life in the selected profession. I chose the MBA program because I know future beholds promising growth and development for business professionals who have an explicit understanding of the business-related terms and the art of decision making based on the knowledge. Before enrolling into the MBA, my aptitude was already developed to choose professional courses that will embody the concepts of business operations. My elder brother is a manager in a multinational organization. He did not do an MBA, and later, he learnt that the MBA program holds crucial importance for the practical business environment. Upon his guidance, I decided to do my MBA because I want to pursue a career in the business field. My family played a significant role in motivating me to do MBA with full dedication. With the help of my brother, I made a schedule for study time. He guided me well for the MBA program and told me about the importance of professional life.

But, I would mention that I fought many challenging moments in the MBA journey. In my fourth semester, my tutor gave me a task to do a research project on human resource management. I had to visit the organization and collect data, but I could not get permission from the branch manager because the branch was being visited by the board of directors on the requested day. I told my tutor, and he extended my deadline. Then, I selected another organization to visit. The experience taught me that organizations and branch manager do not break the protocol for anyone, and there are work norms to follow. Another incident led me to understand that the MBA is not a bed of roses for students. From the beginning of the MBA program, as I mentioned earlier, my brother, and I had designed a study schedule. However, due to a wedding in the family and later, my father’s illness, I could not follow the plan, and it kept on facing turbulences. I realized the breaking of schedule when my tutors of finance, human resource and marketing announced assessments in the coming week. It was a jerk for me as I had not been studying regularly for long and the process of grabbing concept and preparing well for the assessment, all in one week; was a significant task for me. By studying all day and burning the midnight oil, I realized that the MBA journey is not easier and must not be forgotten in life changes. I studied every day and every night to score good marks. Although I did well, my performance could be improved much if I would stay regular in my study routine.

If I synthesized my journey for an MBA, I would state that the MBA has taught me three things; commitment, passion and retention. MBA courses are clinging, and one must commit to the study in order to achieve the aim. Passion is necessary to learn new concepts and admit the logics by linking them to examples given by the tutor during lectures. The retention of interest and regular presence in class is the third lesson learnt from the MBA program.

MBA journey has also been fluctuating experience for me in terms of moral status. I have faced the failures and also combat the challenges of sleep and study routine. The MBA course changed my thinking that study is only to memorize concepts. For example, once I had to give an ‘open book’ paper. I was excited and thought it is easier to have a book open in front of me, and I do not have to spend time on memorizing definitions or practising diagrams of models. But, when the paper came in front of me, I got a panic attack. The paper had all applied questions, and I had to solve case studies and write specific examples of multinational organizations by linking them to course concepts. The paper had me in nerves due to long thinking and turning book pages. I succeeded to complete the paper somehow but was not confident of scoring good marks. The exam taught me that the academic definition and memorizing models and diagram is never enough when I could not link them to real-life examples. From the day, I am always keen to ask my tutor to give examples with the new concept so I can jot them on paper and use in the exam to show succinct understanding.

IMP Reflection

In the IMP assignment, I selected the MMO organization. The process of doing the project was through and took sufficient time to accomplish organizational goals. The IMP assignment began with the challenge of adopting the stage of concrete learning, in which I learnt new concepts. I selected the MBA to understand the modern concepts and the learning from the MBA should enhance my capability for practical life. The concrete learning experience had led me to think that business organizations had to face several challenges (Aarseth & Rolstadas, 2013). I did research, enrolled myself in the lab and used Google to search through articles and databases. However, my class fellows were expert than me in using computers. I did not know about the use of keywords and using different ad tools. I merely used YouTube, famous magazines such as wall street journal, Forbes and Time magazines along with searching on Google and Yahoo. The concrete learning stage showed me new search tools and techniques used by my class fellows such as using appropriate keywords, using text to speech function to save the time of research, Google Scholar and paid libraries to access authentic sources for projects. The research process, as compared to my class fellows, was slow as I was new to the techniques and new websites. The experience taught me to become professional in searching techniques.

The second stage is the reflective observation which I crossed by facing issues with classmates during team projects and assignments. I faced problems in communication and showing empathy towards other’s point of view. As per Stephen Covey’s effective seven habits, I had to implement the ‘win-win’ technique in order to show empathy towards others (Covey, 2020). But, I realized that there is lacking which I need to recover. Another point is the experience of long hour study that needed my good health. I realized that I need to consume a healthy diet and work on my stamina to manage academic responsibilities. My habit of less eating is making me tried to study for long hours.

The third stage is abstract conceptualization in which the newness of the MBA program was crossed. The novelty lies in the module, the lecture style, the course content, and the style of preparing projects and presentations. I have learnt well in every new thing, and as I mentioned before, I faced many challenges which changed my thinking that post-graduation would be an easy way for me. The fourth stage is active experimentation which is the holistic understanding of my MBA journey. I have learnt that MBA concept and scoring good marks is nothing if I would be unable to imply them in practical business organizations.

Action plan

The MBA course has identified various lacking in my personality as an individual and as a student, such as the ability to study for long hours, to apply concepts in business organizations and the use of new, contemporary research tools. My plan for future learning is given below.

To learn new methods of researchI will register for a coaching class for learning search techniques. The class would be 3 weeks long and I will give a test to my coach for evaluating my learning.
To manage health and stamina for studyI will eat healthy food and do daily running for 30 minutes to stay fit for 2 months. I will evaluate my health stamina in next exam session in March, 2021.
To upgrade the ability for applying conceptsI have asked my father to get me username and password by Harvard business review and Forbes by digital payment system. He has the credit card which is needed to pay these magazines to send me news and articles of business world via email. I will tick the category of business specifically so they should not send me irrelevant material. I will request my father to buy me username till my MBA program last.
Improve my study routineI will improve my study routine by rescheduling the day with to-do list. I will buy a day programmer and record my day priorities in the programmer in order to ensure that I remember my study responsibilities well.


The reflection paper is written to gain feedback from students for their learning experience. I have concluded that reflection is important as well as influential for the student to recall specific incidents and moments in the MBA journey to express their experience. It is inferred by my personal experience that every student should write reflection at the end of every semester in order to show learning and reflect on personal experience for being an MBA journey student.

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